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The Quattro Go Fish King of the Sea 2011


GO FISH Magazine Events team has been hard at work in preparing the most memorable competition you will ever have the pleasure of fishing.

The Quattro Go Fish Classic will again this year be hosted by Pumula Beach Hotel, with just with a few changes. This year the event will be opened to Kayaks, Jetski’s and Ski boats all competing against each other and therefore we will crown the King of the Seas. This will be a biggest couta competition. It is a Kayak versus Jetski versus Ski Boat competition.The biggest couta wins main prize. There are also prizes for other species. Other species are strictly catch, photo and release.

The Launch sites will be opened this year from Isipingo Launch site down to Shelley Beach with the weigh in back at Pumula Beach Hotel. And for first prize we are giving away

A fully kitted Aquaquad valued at R75 000


VENUE: Pumula Beach Hotel, South Coast, KZN

DATE: 4th and 5th June 2010  

PRIZES: 1st prize AQUAQUAD valued at R75 000

Fishing skis,  sunglasses, magazine subscriptions, tackle, lures, booze, holidays and many more prizes. More sponsors are adding prizes all the time.

PRICE:  R235 per angler

The price includes:

·       Entry fee per angler

·       Goody bag and t-shirt

·       subscription special on Go Fish Magazine


There will be a Crayfish competition and also weather permitting a kiddies fishing compo.

Accommodation is available at Pumula Beach Resort at massively discounted prices. Inclusive of all meals.

R695.00 /person/night sharing              R165.00 /child sharing 1-5 years old/night R895.00 /person/night single                                   R255.00/child sharing 6-9 years old/night

R350.00 /child sharing 1-14 years old/night


Contact Pumula directly to make reservations and quote Go Fish Classic 039 684 6717


Don’t hesitate one more second, email or fax this entry form to Gofish (details below) Get your entries in quick, as places are limited and many have booked their places already. Adults are to fill in and sign for persons under the age of 18. Let’s get out there and Go Fish!





(please fill in all details IN BLOCK CAPITALS. Incomplete entry forms will not be accepted)




FULL NAME:                                                                                                                                                       






DATE OF BIRTH:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

ID NUMBER:                                                                                                                                                       


TYPE OF FISHING VESSEL INCL MAKE AND COLOUR:                                                                        





SHIRT SIZE:                        


E-MAIL ADDRESS:                                                                                                                                            



TEL NUMBER:                                                                                                                                                   


CELL NUMBER:                                                                                                                                                


CITY OF RESIDENCE:                                                                                                                                      





NAME AND SURNAME:                                                                                                                   


EMERGENCY CONTACT NUMBER:                                                                                                            





TYPE OF ENTRY: (please tick box)


1.       ENTRY ONLY                                                                                                                     


2.       ENTRY AND ACCOMMODATION                                                                  




Please note entry will only be guaranteed upon full payment. Due to the nature of production shirt sizes are a guideline and cannot be guaranteed. We will however endeavour to provide you with the size requested. Fishing licences are compulsory for all competitors. Skippers licence/ticket is compulsory for Jet ski and Ski Boat skippers.


Entry money must be deposited into the Event account below together with your reference, ie your full name.



Sunny Banana Marketing and Distribution


Standard Bank Hillcrest


Acc number: 202312607


Branch Code:  045726





I the undersigned,                                                        (FULL NAME IN BLOCK CAPITALS)

Am a participant in the Quattro King of the Sea 2011 event from 4th to 5th June 2011 organised by Go Fish Magazine and Dirty Dog eyewear. (Hereafter together referred to as Go Fish Events)

I Understand the risks of participating in a fishing event of this nature, whether as a competitor or spectator, and acknowledge that I will at no stage make any claims against Go Fish Events, Pumula Beach Hotel, their sponsors, suppliers, employees or contractors for any loss, injury, or damage that may occur to me or my belongings while attending this event. While every effort will be made to ensure the safety of all patrons, Go Fish Events, Pumula Beach Hotel and its sponsors, suppliers, employees or contractors shall not be held liable in any way or form for any death, loss, theft or damage to property or persons. I enter this event freely and fully accept all the risks to myself and my equipment. I do hereby on behalf of myself, my heirs, executors, administrators and assigns forever waive, discharge and release Go Fish Events and its sponsors, suppliers, employees or contractors against any claims of whatsoever nature and howsoever caused or arising directly or indirectly from, or as a result of my activities referred to above, including but not limiting to claims arising as a result of any act or omission of the Quattro King of the Sea  event, prior to, on or after the date hereof, and particularly as a result of any activity of whatsoever nature in which Go Fish Events, Pumula Beach Hotel, their sponsors, suppliers, employees or contractors in any way may be involved.

AND I indemnify Go Fish Events, Pumula Beach Hotel, their sponsors, suppliers, employees or contractors against any and all such claims which may be preferred against them by any other persons or body. And in particular, but not without limiting the afore going, against any claims made against Go Fish Events, Pumula Beach Hotel, their sponsors, suppliers, employees or contractors by my dependants or any one or more of them.

I understand that in the interests of safety of all participants the event organisers have the right to delay or even call off launching due to adverse weather conditions. I understand that organisers have no control over the weather and that a refund will not be offered in the unfortunate event of being unable to launch and/or fish. The accommodation will still be provided for and the organisers will do their utmost to entertain the guests in the case of no fishing taking place.  In the unlikely event of rescue any costs of rescue incurred are payable by the person who is in need of rescue and not by the organisers or sponsors or their employees.

By signing this form I agree to pay in full the amounts above, 72 hours after submission of the form, and understand that my place may be lost if I do not do so. Cancellations two weeks or less prior to the event will NOT receive a refund under any circumstance and cancellations more than two weeks prior to the event may receive a 50% refund. I have read and fully understand everything in this indemnity form and fully completed the entry form to the best of my knowledge.








GUARDIAN NAME: (IF APPLICANT UNDER 18)                                     


GUARDIANS SIGNATURE:                                                                                                                               



Please return signed form (ENTRY AND INDEMNITY ONLY) to:

Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



For telephone queries call Brendan on  0711316 206




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