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Leading up to the competition the predicted forecast was 28 knot winds and 3mtr swell which stopped a lot of guys entering, especially the guys who were going to travel any distance. One by one the phone calls came that people were not now coming down. However late Friday morning the forcast changed to a light 8knot West and my phone started to ring with enquiries which was great news. At the briefing on Friday night it was raining heavily and the sea looked terrible. What a start!!! The drinks started to flow, the Breyani was dished out and the atmosphere livened up (much to the detriment of a few skiboat guys who stayed all night!) Most however retired early, eager to see what was waiting for them Saturday morning.

Saturday came with a bang, literally, thunder and lightning, aarrrgghhhh what a start, we were scared stiff and all the stories started to flow about how close people had came to death while fishing during a thunder storm! Anyway as 6am came and went so did the dark clouds and rain and one by one the Jetskis raced out into the Ocean in search of fish. Green water greeted us and it didn't look too welcoming, however as the sun came up and the wind stayed a light South West the conditions didn't actually seem too bad.

Just after 7am the action started with shoals of sprats getting smashed by Redeye Sardines and the Bonitos smashing the Redeyes (who would like to be a fish?) Game On! time to catch live bait. For the lucky few who caught live bait a few game fish mainly Couta followed between 5kg and the largest fish and leader so far of 22kg. Gary also caught a nice 20kg Couta on a red and white Rapala and Jorg got a 17kg Yellow fin Tuna.

So after an on off start there was actually a few very good fish....Lets see if we can fish tomorrow!!!


CJ Lategan with his 20kg Couta which is currently first place

Gary with his 20kg Couta which is currently second place to a 22kg Couta


Well day 2 started off worse than day 1!!! The guys who actually got out of bed were greeted with huge swells and torrential rain and the competition was called off due to hazardous conditions. This was very disappointing as the clean water had moved in on Saturday afternoon and we expected to catch more fish if we could sneak in a couple of hours. The fact that it was Mothers day made the decision for most guys that it was back off home to get some brownie points. The organising committee (mainly me) then had to decide what to do next which was a very difficult decision. Do you carry on and wait until later in the day or do the prize giving lunchtime? Guys had travelled to the launch site which for some was a 100km drive and then went back home for a few hours to come back later. Any way the prize giving went ahead on the afternoon and the competitors were duly rewarded for their efforts.

This obviously meant that the fish from Saturday would be the winning fish and the results were as follows

Full results

1st CJ Lategan 22.7kg Couta

2nd Gary Deajager 20.1kg Couta

3rd Jorg Kramer 17.3kg Yellowfin Tuna

4th Larry Brown (Brown Dog) 8.5kg Couta

5th Mick Clarke (Codfather) 5.2kg Couta

Thanks to the competitors, organisers, and sponsors, and all the helpers at the Umkomaas skiboat club. It would be difficult to find a more Jetski friendly club than Umkomaas and more competitions are being planned for the future. 






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