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What to take out to sea with you?

I often get asked the question "What should I take out to sea with me?" Maybe we should split that question into various sections as follows......

Bits & pieces

There a few "Must Have" items that you just cannot be without and I often take two of each. These are as follows....


 Product  Specification  Used for Tips
Knife I like to take 2 Knives with me on a Jetski. A plastic handled Knife with a Stainless Steel Blade is a must have. Your first Knife should be quite small with a rigid blade. Your second knife should be a longer thinner bladed Knife often used for filleting fish. Keep a Knife handy at all times. It can be used for killing fish humanely Always keep 2 Knives with you on your Jetski. If you loose one you have a spare available.
Pliers You may find yourself taking a few pair of Pliers with you on your Jetski. The first set should be a pair made from Aircraft Aluminium. These type of Pliers often include a Split Ring removal function. These Pliers are extremely durable and can also be used for unhooking fish and removing Lures from fish. Split Rings, Removing Hooks, cutting line and wire, unhooking fish, handling dangerous fish. Wash thoroughly in clean water when returning from a fishing trip.
Scissors. These need to be small Braid Cutting Scissors and made from Stainless Steel. Used for cutting Line and Braid.                                                                         After washing with clean water spray with penetrating oil.                               
Nail Clipper Ideal for cutting Fishing Line and Braid. make sure you choose a set made from Stainles Steel. Cutting Fishing Line. Wash thoroughly in clean water when returning from a fishing trip.
Gaff If you are going to keep the odd fish or two you will need a good Gaff. I like the floatng Bamboo type Gaffs incase you drop one in the water. I would even take a second Gaff with me at all times. Safely Gaffing a fish. Never tie a Gaff to yourself or the Vessel. If a fish takes off or a Shark eats your fish you are in trouble. Be warned!!!! Some guys tie a piece of foam to the Gaff to makeit float should you drop it in the Ocean.
Lip Grip
Make sure you buy a quality make which is preferably made from Stainless Steel. Safely catching and releasing a fish.  Lip Grips are essential if you intend to safely release a fish. Using a Lip Grip will mean that you do not need to touch a fish which may have caused damage.
Priest Usually made from wood or aluminium and shaped like a small baseball bat. Killing a fish quickly if you are going to keep the odd one or two for personal consumtion. Often called a priest as you "administer" last rites to a fish (shame). If you use this method hit the fish hard on the head to despatch it quickly and humanely.
 Aluminium Pliers
 These Pliers are the Shiny Aircraft Aluminium Pliers and are about the only Pliers that survive well on a Jetski. Highly recommended by Codfather! Cutting line. Removing hooks, gripping. All round use like a Multi Tool.  When used wash in Salt Away.


Making launching a jetski easy

There a few "Must Have" launching items that you just cannot be without as follows....


 Specification  Used for Tips
Tyre Deflator
There are a few different Tyre Deflators available for Jetski Trailer Tyres and your Bakkie. The best without a doubt is the Extreme Tyre Deflator which deflates your Tyres in seconds. Also available is thje small deflators which screw to each Tyre. If you do not really want to spend money you can always use a matchstick!  Deflating your Tyres quickly and efficiently. There is nothing like getting to the beach and having to wait for ages to deflate yoyur tyres. Even worse is waiting for somone else to deflate their tyres!
Compressor  Whilst it is a great idea in fact essential to deflate your tyre when you are beach launching it is also a good idea to take a Portable Compressor with you. After using various types I would recommend a 160 litre Compressor as this is the ideal balance between portability and practicality in terms of storage space and useability. Here is the type I would recommend Inflating tyres quickly. Make sure you wipe the Compresssor down after use with a light oil or Salt Away as they do corrode quickly if left with Salt Wtaer on them.

Tight Lines.


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