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Our Jetski Repair Services include the following

Solas Impeller Supply & Installation Service

Fibreglass Repairs

Hull Repairs

Cubbys / Storage Boxes

Fish Finders & GPS Supplied & Installation Service

Jetski Spare Parts New & Pre Owned

COF & Safety Equipment

Skippers Training (Practical Launches) Theory in classroom organised

Diagnostic Work

Engine Work

Jetski Trailer Spares & Repairs

Fishing Equipment 

Stainless Steel Products

Jetski Custom Galvanized Steel Products

Stitching Repair & Custom Work


    Jetski Solas Impellers South Africa

    If you would like to improve the performance of your Fishing Jetski or recreational Jetski one of the best improvements you can make is to install a Solas Impeller. If you are confident to do the job we can supply standard size Solas Impellers and removal / installation tools for Sea Doo Yamaha and even the odd Honda and Kawasaki Jetskis. Alternatively we can install the Solas Impeller for you. View the range of Solas Jetski Impellers here Buy Solas Impellers and also our range of Wear Rings here Wear Rings Yamaha & Sea Doo Jetskis

    There are various types of Solas Impellers available, however the most popular is an Impeller which gives you improved acceleration and bottom end torque when you first press the accelerator. This is great for a Fishing Jetski as you need extra power when in the surf zone and when you have a passenger. Not to mention all the extra weight of Jetwings or Tubbys and all the extra fishing tackle!

    • Impeller Fitting Service
    • Impeller Reconditioning
    • Impeller Stainless Welding
    • Impelle dent straightening
    • Impeller Balancing
    • Impeller Exchange Program
    • Pump Housing Re manufacturing / Reconditioning 
    • Pump Housing New Units Supplied
    • Send us your Pump Housing and Impeller and we will Recondition and return them back to you.

    Contact us now via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Call Mick 072 938 1769

    Full contact details here Contact Information

    We have a full range of Jetski Trailer Spares available.

    • Roller Wheel Conversions

    • Jockey Wheels

    • Manual Winch

    • Electric Winches

    • Winch Mounting Brackets

    • Winch Rollers

    • Lights. LED and Normal Lights

    • Cable / Wire

    • Bearings

    • Hubs

    • Leaf Springs

    • Wheels{/tabs}

    • View the range of Jetski Trailer Parts here Jetski Trailer Parts

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