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Abi fighting another Monster Fish in Mozambique

A Wonderful Gift. The Knowledge of Catching Fish! 

Who can ever forget the first time they caught a fish? I certainly will never forget that’s for sure. Don’t get me wrong the fish was tiny and it fit into a small partition in a plastic Tackle Box but who cares it was mine. I caught it and I was very proud. That incredible experience felt like yesterday I can still smell the damp air after the rains. I can still see that little fish come flying out of the murky water and into my very grateful hands. Wow there must be more. I must come here again. Maybe every day. Maybe just maybe I could get pretty good at this fishing game! That day took over my life. I was hooked. I didn’t care what type of fishing I did I just needed to Fish. Fast forward many moons later I found myself firstly Kayak Fishing and then in 2009 Jetski Fishing. I have caught some incredible fish and still continue to enjoy catching Fish. However, my satisfaction in Fishing has somewhat shifted to enjoying teaching people to Fish and seeing them catch Fish. Again, the size doesn’t matter it’s the whole experience of catching Fish that counts. I’m writing this article in early 2024 and to be honest for most people it hasn’t been a great few years for many reasons and there’s a million reasons why we cant go Fishing. Fuel prices, vessel costs, weather etc. etc. Many people have left the pleasure Fishing industry citing the afore mentioned reasons why. I understand that and it’s very sad news. On the brighter side I have seen an upturn in youngsters starting to get involved in Fishing both fresh water and salt water and they have been catching some great Fish and you can see these guys and girls are having an incredible time. In my opinion the sport of angling is on a downward slope and we need to turn it around. Anyone who has taken a friend or a youngster Fishing and took the time to help them I applaud you. Lets give them hunger and incredible experience you have for Fishing.

Luke bending properly!

Kirk & Brendan from Go Fish Magazine have always been great supporters of helping Junior Anglers. Byron Kane is incredibly good at coaching his son Brayden & Daughter Rhori to Fish. In fact now they are too good! Mike Perriera from The Kingfisher and Adam Kamdar from Township Hyper also go above and beyond to help Juniors and support the growth of Angling. Many Skiboat Clubs have initiatives for Juniors and I’m sure there’s many more initiatives out there. Let me know Who and what initiatives!

So what’s the secret? Well, its quite simple take a friend or a Junior Fishing and let them and try it. If they don’t like it try again but don’t force them. Here are a few pointers I have thought about.

Shaun & Brother Ricky who is enjoying his first Jetski outing. I can read Shaun’s thoughts Ohhh here we go. Ricky is now looking for his own Jetski!

The Venue Maybe it’s not a good idea to take a junior angler through a huge shore break launch site and out into a choppy Ocean the first few launches. Try Fishing on a local river or dam or a flat calm Ocean. Be patient and its ok to not catch Fish. They are there for the total experience. Maybe think about a slightly later launch if they are not early risers.

Clothing A very important consideration is the correct clothing and expect the weather to change and plan extra clothing.

Food & Water Take plenty of Food, Water and Snacks for your Fishing session. No alcohol.

Rods & Tackle Make sure you take some relevant size Rods & tackle so the Junior Angler feels comfortable and the gear isn’t too heavy.

Target Species & Tactics Instead of Trolling Baits or Hard Body Lures or Konas a great way to enjoy Fishing and catch lots of Fish is to use Drop Shot, Bucktails, or Small Slow Pitch Jigs. It’s a great way to Fish relaxed and keep talking the beginner through what to do and what to try. Nothing beats the thrill of Jigging up a Lure and suddenly it stops dead and some Sea Creature heads back down to his home! Your Reel can be emptied in seconds so at least they will have a good story to tell.

Fish Make sure you practice catch and release with some species and explain size limitations but don’t over complicate things. Fishing should be fun shouldn’t it?

Timing Make sure you don’t go Fishing all day and make it turn boring. New Anglers need to stay interested and want more don’t we?

Safety It goes without saying that Fishing and especially on the Ocean can be dangerous and Safety is of paramount importance.  Make sure Life Jackets are warn and all safety equipment is working and up to date.

Anru & Ruan enjoy a good days Fishing in Guinjata Bay Mozambique

Come on guys and girls take a youngster or a friend Fishing………Let’s get them hooked!

Tight Lines



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