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D.I.Y. Portable Rod & Tackle Holder

Rod Carrier Box

Some of the best ideas of course come from problems. You have a problem and someone solves it.......Easy! Well one of the problems I had was when I finished fishing or when I was preparing all my tackle to fish I always found that I leaned my Fishing Rods up against a Car, or a Wall, or a Jetski, or a Trailer or if against someone happened to stand still for too long, I would use them for support. Inevitably that temporary Rod Stand would either move or the Rod would be blown over by the wind. The consequences would be a scratched, damaged, or broken Rod or Reel. Then I seen that some of the overseas Kayak Fishing guys used Milk Crates as Rod Holders and Temporary Tackle storage systems. This seemed to be a perfect solution for my requirements as I could organise some of my small tackle items also. That was anothe rissue for me, keeping everything in one place before I launch and when I return form Sea. So off to the plastic shop I went! 

I found an ideal size and shaped Plastic Crate which measured 550mm long x 350mm wide and 300mm high. The rest was easy here is a list of parts required and heres how to do it......

  • Plastic Crate
  • White P.V.C. 50mm Pipe
  • Plastic Cable Ties
  • Drill
  • Hacksaw to cut the P.V.C. Pipe
  • Hot Air Gun and Towball if you want to flare the top of your Rod Holders

Step #1 Purcahse some 50mm o.d. P.V.C. Plumbing Pipe and cut into lengths just higher than the Plastic Crate  

Step #2 Drill holes 6mm (or a bit wider than your Plastic Cable Ties) at the top, bottom, and centre of your P.V.C. Pipe.  

Step #3 Drill some holes the same size in the Crate and secure the White Rod Holders to the Crate with the Plastic Tie Wraps

Step #4 You can make the White Rod Holders look better and easier to insert your Rods by Flaring the Top of the P.V.C. Pipes like I showed you here Rod Protectors

As you can see below the Rod Holder Carrier can facilitate 6 Rods and lots of tackle....Job done!

 jetski rod storage box

rod box jetski

rod box jetski

Close up view of hot to fasten the Plastic Cable Tie Clips

jetski rod box

Chom Chom Roller