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Jetski Dual Battery System

Motobatt Heavy Duty and Ultra Heavy Duty or normal Lead Acid Jetski Batteries can be used for a Jetski Dual Battery System

When it comes to Jetskis there is one thing that is always on my mind when I am out at sea fishing. What if I break down! Yes unfortunately it is a possibility that one day you go to press your start button and click, click.......Nothing! I have done it once and I will do everything possible to avoid breaking down at sea again. It is a lonely place out there so what can we do to avoid a potential breakdown? Well the number one requirement is to install a Jetski Dual Battery System. The correct way (in my opinion) is to test your Batteries the night before you go fishing. Turn the Battery Switch to the number 1 position and test No1 Battery. If it cranks the engine over fast that Battery is Ok. Turn the Battery Switch to the number 2 position and again crank the engine. If that Battery spins the engine quickly that means both Batteries are Ok and you can go fishing in the morning! When you are at the launch site do the same test again to check if one or both Batteries crank slower. Next step is when you go through the surf you must use 2 Batteries. If there is one place you want a Battery failure its in the surf. I have had 2 Yamahas a FX and a VX fail on me due to the Voltage Regulator not charging the Batteries. When you are through the surf you would normally get ready to put lures out or catch live bait etc. this is the perfect time to switch over to just one Battery. Any one would be Ok. Use that Battery to stop and start as you fish and then after a period of tome swap to the other Battery. The reason you would do this is to test both Batteries and the Voltage Regulator. rather catch the fault early than wait for failure. Twice I have mentioned Voltage Regulator so for the non technically minded amongst us a Voltage Regulator is like an Alternator on a car it charges your Battery. Now we know that we can take it a step further. If you look on your Jetski Instrument Cluster you will (may not on all models) see a Volt Meter. This a great tool for diagnostic purposes. To use the Volt Meter correctly you must know a fully charged Battery should be 12.6 volts. If your Voltage Regulator is working as you rev your Jetski or you are moving you should always have at least 13 volts or more up to 14.5 volts showing on the Volt Meter. Anything less than 12.5 your Batteries are not being re charged. You can also check the volt meter on your Fish Finder. There you go you can now see a problem before it happens!!!

Now back to Dual Batteries. The picture below left is a Sea Doo GTI 2011-2020 Dual Battery Installation we did. The objective here was to raise the Fuse Box assembly away from a very wet area of the Jetski to make the Fuses less prone to water ingress and corrosion and make it easier to access the Fuse Box to change Fuses or the main Relay. We also add protective sleeving to the Battery Cable the same as the picture on the right. We installed the Dual Battery Switch in the Glove Box. Now thats easier!!!! All these parts are available as a DIY solution or we can install them professionally at Jetski Fishing SA

The Picture below right is a Dual Battery install on a brand new Yamaha FX 2023 model we have raised the Battery Switch and mounted on a Stainless Steel Bracket to keep the Switch away from a high corrosion area which is normally on top of the Batteries. We covered the Wiring also to prevent shorts and to stop damage from Battery Cables rubbing against other components.


I would recommend on any Ocean going Jetski is to install a Dual Battery System. When I say Dual Battery System I mean you have 2 Cranking Batteries available not a second Battery for Electronics only. The installation would consist of a new Battery Tray to accommodate a second Battery. Some extended quality marine wiring. A four position Battery Switch and a Mounting Bracket. Any Radio or Fish Finder installed can be tied in to the new system so that when the Dual Battery Switch is in the off position everything is turned off.  These are our Jetski Dual Battery Systems we install at Jetski Fishing SA for Yamaha Sea Doo and Kawasaki Jetskis. We also supply all the components if you want to install yourself you can order at the link here Jetski Dual Battery System  

Motobatt Jetski Battery

While you are installing your new Dual Battery System you now have the opportunity to upgrade your standard Lead Acid Batteries to Motobatt Heavy Duty AGM Batteries or Motobatt Ultra Heavy Duty AGM Batteries. These Batteries are amazing they simply pack more available cranking amps into the same size or slightly larger casing than your original equipment Battery. In simple terms that means when you press the start button on your Jetaki you will have more power available and your motor will turn faster. Our Motobatt AGM Batteries also have 4 poles per Battery 2 Positive and 2 Negative. The advantage here is that you can install accessories without disturbing your Jetskis main Battery Cables. You  can view our Heavy Duty Battery range here  Jetski Heavy Dual Battery range

Motobatt Jetski Battery

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