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Jetski Rod Holder Elastic Tie Downs

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As mentioned in a previous article Top 10 Tips an ideal way to stop you from loosing your valuable Jetski Rods & Reels is to secure them safely with Elastic Tie Downs, as pictured above. There are a choice of two to choose from and both have their advantages and disadvantages.

Firstly the quick "Loop Over Type"

This type is very easy to make. This is what you require....

Heat Shrink Tubing

  • 4mm Shock Cord Elastic
  • 8mm Heat Shrink Tube
  • Medium size Cable Tie Wraps
  • Medium size because it gives the Heat Shrink Tubing something to grip onto.
  • Pliers
  • Lighter.

Firstly burn the ends of the Shock Cord Elastic so it doesn't fray. Slide on the Heat Shrink Tubing over the Shock Cord Elastic. You can use 2 pieces also. One on top of the other to make it more durable.

Overlap the two pieces of Elastic and join with 3 Cable Tie Wraps. Pull the Cable Tie Wraps tight and cut the ends off as close as possible so there is less chance of the plastic damaging the Heat Shrink Tubing.

Slide the Heat Shrink Tubing over the Cable Tie Wraps. If it is tight use a pair of Long Nose Pliers (see picture below) to widen the Heat Shrink Tubing.

DIY Jetski Fishing Rod Tie Down

Heat up with your lighter until it shrinks neatly onto the Cable Ties 

Jetski Fishng Rod Tie Downs

Voila....And there you have it. Protection from stopping your Rods going for a trip into the Ocean. Just hook onto your reel. A cheap and cost effective solution!

rod elastics

jetski elasticated rod leash 4

elastic loop

jetski elasticated rod leash trinidad

Secondly the "Hook Over Type"

hook type jetski rod tie downs

The Hook Over Type Fasteners are definitely stronger but are a little bit more complicated as you will need to source the Stainless Steel Clips. If you can't give me a shout. I would definitely use this type for larger rods like Popping Rods where your Spinning Reel (Coffee grinder Reel) is much higher in the air. This type will also stop the Rod spinning around when launching and travelling. This is also a very simple way of securing your Rods once you have made them. The idea of this design is to fasten the Elastic Shock Cord Permanently to your Jetski Cage and simply hook the Elasticated Clips over your Reel and fasten to the bottom part of your Cage. 

You will need the following

  • Stainless Hooks
  • Cable Tie Wraps Medium Size 
  • 6mm Elastic Shock Cord
  • 8mm Heat Shrink Tube
  • Pliers
  • Lighter

To make Hook Over Type Elastic Tie Downs simply get some 6mm Elasticated Shock Cord and either use a single piece and join it with Cable Ties like in the previous design or double the Elasticated Shock Cord and attach a Stainless Hook to each end. You can also use Heat Shrink Tube to make it look neater.

jetski elasticated rod leash 4

You simply Make a U shape and push the Elastic Shock Cord through the end of the clip and then push the tag end through the U shape. Pull tight and tie loose end with a Cable Tie for extra safety.

This is what it looks like when you use the Hook Type

saragosa blue rose jetski elasticated rod leash

Remember to check the Elastic Tie Downs before every trip. Or why not double up on them, especially when launching your Jetski in the surf zone. 

Better safe then sorry. I welcome comments below.....

Tight Lines.


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