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My new favourite Jetski Trolling Rod!

 20191028 064737

I'm like most guys (and some girls) I like to buy fishing tackle. In fact I like to buy lots of fishing tackle. However some things I don't like to chop and change just because the latest and greatest product has just hit the shelves. Yeah I love to test tackle but I often test tackle in a way that I compare the new product with a proven product. For example I don't really want to troll around and burn 50 litres of fuel to find a lure doesn't work! Does that ring any bells? I will run a proven Lure and a test Lure at the same time, and over a few different sessions not just once. I don't really want to try a new line and loose fish. Neither do I want to confuse people by changing my opinions every month. I like to give a balanced opinion and review and explain why I like or dislike the product. It's then up to you to either purchase or not purchase that product based upon my review. So this past weekend I decided that after quite a long break it would be time to get my Jetski ready as I know that Summer is fast approaching. Reels were serviced and ready for action and favourite Rods set up and ready to go. Sunday morning arrived and the weather was glorious. Was it time for a quick session? The Indian Ocean looked very inviting. Should I go ? Decisions, decisions. The morning came and went, and the afternoon turned out just as nice. What a glorious day. That's it time to go, I couldn't resist it any longer. In my usual style it was mad rush time and I set about getting some tackle ready. Out came the old faithful Halcos, some spare leader, gaff, and all the extra bits and pieces, some food and drink and I was nearly ready to go. As usual I would have taken 5 or 6 rods but time wasn't on my side it was getting late. I'm very fortunate to live 2 minutes from Umkomaas launch site. but it was now after 1 pm so I would only need 2 rods. My old faithful Jetski Trolling Rods. Then I remembered I had bought a new Assassin Seriola Rod at the beginning of the year and only used it a few times and never really got to test it properly. Maybe today would be the day to give it a run out. Yes definitely a nice quiet afternoon and a fish or two for the pot. So I loaded the two rods equipped with a pair of Daiwa Saltist BG50 Reels loaded wiith 15kg (30lb) line. After a very successful flat as a dam, never wet my hair even launch I pulled the trigger and headed out into the deep blue water. Well actually it was green, 23 degrees, warm and screaming Tuna. My trusty Lowrance HDS 7 Live guided me out to my spot in 27 metres of water and I put out a pair of Halcos about 30 metres behind me. I never went more than 50 metres and both Rods screamed away. I landed the fish on the right first and then the Rod on the left which was the new Assassin Seriola Rod. What I noticed was that when the Tuna came near to the surface I landed the Tuna much faster than the first one. I noticed that also I never had as much strain on my back. The Rod seemed to be doing the work for me. What a pleasure! Anyway back over the same spot again and bang, away went both Rods again. Same story with  the biggest fish yet. The Assassin handled the fish with ease. Now these aren't big fish. They were Tuna of 6.5 to 8.5kg but as you know these Tuna pound for pound punch well above their weight. I went on to get 4 double ups and land 7 fish as a Shark helped himself to one of them. I can't help but think that if I had landed that fish on the Assassin Seriola Rod I might of got it to the Jetski quicker and landed it. I really wanted to test how the Rod bent round when pulling the Lure and when I sped up a bit would the Lure jumps out of the water. Every time I looked the Reel screamed. I had to pack up after the seven Tuna and go closer to shore where hopefully there would be no Tuna! It worked. I got closer to shore and put the Lures out again and they didn't scream away....Thank goodness.... I was sick of Tuna now! The Assassin Seriola Rod sit perfect when pulling shallow lipped Lures. The Rod Tip just pulls around enough so that if you suddenly go down a swell your Lure won't pop out of the water. The Rod just gradually pulls around and settles back into position ready for action again. So to summarise the Rod build quality is very good and is an absolute pleasure to fight a fish with. If you are looking for a new Jetski Trolling Rod put this one at the top of your list. It will also be great for a larger live bait Rod.

The Rod I tested was the Assassin Seriola Heavy version with 30lb line. I do also have the medium version which will be great for 10kg line lighter set ups or smaller Lures and dead bait rigs. 

When you pick up the Rod you can definitely feel and see the quality. Its not an expensive Rod but it sure looks and feels expensive. 

Assassin Seriola Heavy Jetski  Trolling Rod

For the technical guys and girls here is the features and specifications of my new favourite Jetski Trolling Rod

  • Super Light and Exceptionally Strong
  • Full Fuji components
  • Fuji O series guides
  • Handle detaches for ease of transport
  • Very comfortable EVA grip

Heavy Model is 7 foot (2.13m) 2 piece

Mono Line rating & Braid 20lb to 60lb (9.1kg - 27.5kg)

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