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 Motobatt Jetski Battery

Motobatt Heavy Duty and Ultra Heavy Duty Jetski Batteries

When it comes to Jetskis there is one thing that is always on my mind when I am out at sea fishing. What if I break down! Yes unfortunately it is a possibility that one day you go to press your start button and click, click...Nothing! I have done it once and I will do everything possible to avoid breaking down at sea again. It is a lonely place out there so what can we do to avoid a potential breakdown? I have listed below some common breakdown failures on Jetskis so you can do your best to avoid breakdowns.

The first and most important upgrade I would recommend on any Ocean going Jetski is to install a Dual Battery System. When I say Dual Battery System I mean you have 2 Cranking Batteries available not a second Battery for Electronics. The installation would consist of a new Battery Tray to accommodate a second Battery. Some extended quality marine wiring. A 4 position Battery Switch and a Mounting Bracket. Any Radio or Fish Finder installed can be tied in to the new system so that when the Dual Battery Switch is in the off position everything is turned off.  These are our Jetski Dual Battery Systems we install at Jetski Fishing SA for Yamaha Sea Doo and Kawasaki Jetskis. We also supply all the components if you want to install yourself you can order at the link here Jetski Dual Battery System  

Motobatt Jetski Battery

While you are installing your new Dual Battery System you now have the opportunity to upgrade your standard Lead Acid Batteries to Motobatt Heavy Duty AGM Batteries or Motobatt Ultra Heavy Duty AGM Batteries. These Batteries are amazing they simply pack more available cranking amps into the same size or slightly larger casing than your original equipment Battery. In simple terms that means when you press the start button on your Jetaki you will have more power available and your motor will turn faster. Our Motobatt AGM Batteries also have 4 poles per Battery 2 Positive and 2 Negative. The advantage here is that you can install accessories without disturbing your Jetskis main Battery Cables. You  can view our Heavy Duty Battery range here  Jetski Heavy Dual Battery range

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