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PVC Rod Holder Protectors

Dont you just love it when you can make something that works great for just a small amount of time, money and effort? Well here is something that is easily made from a piece of plumbing PVC pipe. The original idea came about due to the fact that the standard size Stainless Steel Rod Holders are often too large for the type of Rod you are using. If you tie your Rod down, as you should! the risk of damaged caused by the Rod being pulled to one side is very high. Not to mention that the Rod and Reel often bang about from side to side when in the surf zone or travelling form reef to reef. To combat this problem I started to make PVC inserts that make the inside diameter of your Rod Holder a smaller size which would be better suited to the size of Rod you would be using.  

 ps If you dont like D.I.Y. or don't have the time to make these just contact me. Details in the last paragraph and I will make them for you!

OK Let's get cracking!........

Step #1 First of all you would need to cut a length of PVC pipe which fits inside your Stainless Steel Pipe. Don't worry if it is slightly smaller, you can add a few wraps of some tape so it's a nice tight fit. Cut the length slighty longer than you will require. The reason for this is that it is harder to flare the end but easy to cut the bottom so if you don't get it right first time you can try again.

Step #2 After cutting your length of PVC pipe heat up the end of the pipe with a hot air gun until the PVC starts to go soft and then press the Tow Ball firmly into the top of the Pipe. This will cause the PVC pipe to flare and as if by magic it is exactly the right shape to fit inside your Stainless Steel Rod Holder. 

white rod holder protector 3

Step #3 Cut the Pipe to the correct overall length of the Stainless Steel Rod Holder. 

Step #4 If there is a pin (small bar) at the base of your Stainless Steel Rod Holder as shown in the picture below you will need to use a small round file or a drill and make a half circle cut out in the P.V.C. Pipe. This bar at the bottom is for Rods which have slots in the bottom of the Rod gimbal to stop the Rod turning in the Rod Holder.

white rod holder protector 2

Step #5 Make sure the P.V.C. insert is tight in the Stainless rod Holder. If not wrap any type of tape a few times round the P.V.C. Pipe and it will fit like a glove

white rod holder protector

That's it! If you made it this far you should now have the correct size Rod Holder for your Rod. If not See below 

Each and every Rod Holder is a different diameter and a different length so all are custom made. If you want some making just let me know the I.D. (inside diameter) of your Stainless Steel Rod Holders, and the length. Order here This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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