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codfathers top 10 tips

Codfathers Top 10 Tips to prevent loosing your Jetski Rods & Reels

Loosing a Fishing Rod and Reel is very unpleasant and very expensive. If you haven't done it yet on your Jetski you will, that is almost guaranteed. Its the nature of the environment. Wet, bumpy, rough conditions  and slippery hands are a recipe for disaster. Rod Holders coming loose or breaking are another example of how we may loose a Rod & Reel, and of course the classic. "I will just put it there for a second even though I shouldn't" scenario. The famous balancing your Rod & Reel on the edge of your Jetski knowing that you shouldn't as it could (and will) fall off into the deep blue abyss. You know what I mean! All the fore mentioned words are pretty much a guarantee that one day you will loose your pride and joy if you are not careful.

All of the above incidents usually happen while we are out at sea, and to be honest most could be classed as accidents and may have been out of our control and genuinely an accident. We can however take extra precautions and limit the chances of loosing our Rods & Reels whilst what I consider is the highest risk area and that is in the surf zone. So many times I have seen guys loose expensive tackle in the surf. A few times up to six Rods & Reels. Now that's a lot of cash! Loosing Rods & Reels can be easily prevented by fitting Rod Holder Elastic Hold Downs. This is a very simple system that you can either purchase from us or very easily make your own. Full details here Rod Holder Elastic Hold Downs   

Rod Holders are a great accessory and a must on any Fishing Jetski

Another sure way of loosing a Rod or two is to leave them lying around after you have finished fishing. There are so many things on your mind when you finish fishing your mind is constantly working and its so easy to lean a Rod & Reel up against a wall or another vehicle and simply drive off and forget about them. What I have found is a good idea is to make a Rod Holder for transporting and storing Rods & Reels and its also a great platform to keep your Rods & Reels together while cleaning and hosing them down after fishing. Here's how to make one Portable Rod & Tackle Holder 

Theft of course could be a problem and expensive Rods & Reels on view in a vehicle or left untended is an invitation for a thief to help themselves to your prized tackle collection. I would suggest keeping all Rods & Reels safely locked on your vehicle or hidden away in a Trailer Rod Holder like these Trailer Rod Holder

 Codfathers Top 10 tips to prevent loosing your Jetski rods & Reels

Tip #1 Always tie down your Rods & Reels in the surf zone and when travelling form reef to reef with a Rod Holder Elastic Hold Downs   

Tip #2 Always tie down your Rods & Reels in the surf zone and when travelling form reef to reef with a Rod Holder Elastic Hold Downs

Tip #3 Always use a Rod Leash when fishing

Tip #4 Use quality Rod Holders like a Scotty or a Railblaza. Budget Rod Holders are ok if you do not fish tight drags

Tip #5 Don't put your Rod down just for a second where it doesn't look safe!

Tip #6 Use a plastic BG type internally mounted Rod Holder when fishing deep lipped lures as they may break Scotty & Railblazas

Tip #7 When travelling store your Rods in your vehicle or in a purpose built Rod Carrying Box which fits on your Jetski Trailer.

Tip #8 Dont leave your Rods lying around or leaning against a car or a wall unattended where they can be easily stolen

Tip #9 When travelling with your Jetski on your trailer remove the Rods from your cages as they could catch on overhanging trees, fences, overhead wires, cables etc. Been there done that!

Tip #10 Finally make sure that you insure your tackle. Speak to the nice people at Club Marine as they specialise in Marine insurance. Club Marine Insurance

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