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Wow this is great news!!!!!

The Management Committee of the LBRC decided at a previous meeting to allow fishing jet skis the right to use the river/estuary section as an access to the sea only, as there are no other sea launch sites in the area.  This is on condition that all the other relevant safety legislation(SAMSA) is adhered to – thank you for attaching these. You will also be required to acquire a municipal transit permit from the LBRC office in Witsand which requires craft to proceed straight out to sea. You will also  be subject to various other conditions such as proceeding through the estuary section at idle speed only (use of your electric motor will be preferred, and letting us know each time you intend to use the estuary as a passage to the sea. This will ensure that we are able to answer any complaints, as we are usually always contacted when jet craft have attempted to use the river/estuary.




Lower Breede River Conservancy Trust

P.O.Box 149, Witsand, 6666

Office: +2728 5371296

Cell: +2782 493 7523

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Good day Mr Scholtz

May I take this opportunity to say thank you on behalf of the members of www.jetskifishingsa.co.za for allowing Jetskis access to the sea via the river estuary system on the Lower Breede River

We strive towards improving the name of Jetski fishing and support conservation and cannot thank you enough for your support. I am sure that the crafts allowed to launch will respect the environment and regulations accordingly.

Mick Clarke



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