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Register a Jetski

To use your Jetski you must do the following

Register your trailer and pay the annual licence fee then display the licence disc on your trailer

Write your name, telephone number, next of kin contact number, and Jetski number on your trailer. You can get adhesive letters from any sign shop or write or paint it on the trailer.

Make sure you have the yellow reflective tape on your trailer.

The trailer must be roadworthy tested at a vehicle test centre.

When you go to get the licence or roadworthy, take any old paperwork of previous ownership along with you.

Its a good idea to fit LED lamps to the rear of the trailer as they are waterproof and you will be submerging the trailer in salt water Be warned!....

Make sure you have a buoyancy certificate. If you have Ski Wings, Jet Pods, Tubbys, Jetwings, Pontoons etc. fitted they also need a Buoyancy Certificate.

Make sure your craft has its annual COF (Certificate of fitness) more details here

You will need all your safety equipment as per Jetski class information here

Don't forget your fishing licence and if you go to Mozambique you need a different licence and pay launch fees

Don't forget insurance..................I would recommend Club Marine. Club Marine Insurance Well I did until 2024 Now I would recommend Outsurance!

 If your Jetski is a Category D and some launch sites also CAT E vessels you will need a VHF Radio and SRC Licence and your Radio must also be licenced. Contact me for further details. 

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